SEO lessons that can be helpful for better rankings in search engines

SEO lessons that can be helpful for better rankings in search engines

We have seen many digital marketers sharing their experiences and many SEO tactics over the years. But, apart from this you need to know the side effects of over optimizing your site with SEO. This can actually affect the overall performance of the site, instead to getting it in a better position on search engines. A majority of SEO agencies in Brisbane are aware of the facts that can affect the site’s authority, so take a look at 3 main aspects that can drastically affect your website ranking.

1. Relation between blogging and SEO

Blogging has many benefits, but there has always been a debate on certain aspects related to publishing blogs. For instance, how frequently companies should publish blogs, how to choose topics for blogs or what makes a blog impactful to audience. A recent research states that, published blogs so far doesn’t have the expected impact on SEO. In fact, creating other valuable content on website can make a major difference on attracting links, building trust and good customer relationship, and engagements. Most of the companies these days publish blogs on Tumblr, and this certainly has advantages, but no SEO benefits. Best SEO companies in Brisbane can bring more innovative strategies to support SEO of your website.

2. YouTube has a tweak to its SEO strategy

It is a known fact that YouTube videos rank on Google search, but not all videos. One of the main reasons to get engagements to videos is the quality of relevance. Practically, there is no correlation between the numbers of YouTube videos that a brand creates and keywords which help them in getting a better rank. Which means some brands may rank because of keywords, but have fewer views; on the other hand, some of the brands have many views even without too many keywords. So basically it is about every element which can elevate the overall performance of a video, and not just SEO.

3. Keyword Cannibalization is a result of duplication

Brands often tend to over optimize, with SEO by repeating the exact keywords on too many pages. This actually takes away the search authority of particular website, and affects the overall performance of SEO. This eventually leads to internal pages competing with each other. Unfortunately, 93% of top ecommerce brands reviewed in 2017 had over 100 intances of duplication in almost every section of keyword optimization.

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