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Website SEO Technical Audit

Our SEO website audit is a powerful tool to know the exact performance of your site. With SEO Technical Audit, you can better know the strengths and weaknesses of your current SEO marketing campaign or learn the much-needed information to create an effective new campaign. There are multiple facets that need to be taken care of in the ever-dynamic pursuit of Search Engine Optimisation.

Even if your website is doing well now, it may eventually build up some irrelevant or broken links over time, and the content may also end up becoming outdated. SEO Brisbane will help you assess your website’s relevance in relation to its content. Be it site speed, conversion rates, bounce rates, traffic measurement, keyword density, metadata, analytics, etc., we can give you a full report looking at the status of your website’s SEO relevance ranking factors.

Indeed, you cannot perfect something without knowing the flaws and holes. SEO Brisbane will let you know the list of things that your website has to look at changing to finally work its way to the top of your keyword rankings. Our Brisbane SEO company is your one-stop shop for all your SEO needs.

How does an SEO website Audit help you?

Conducting an SEO audit will leave no stone unturned. With the busy day-to-day business operations, you might no longer be able to detect the flaws in your system, especially those relevant to SEO. To make you stay ahead of the curve, we help you gauge the following:

SEO Techniques

SEO Brisbane evaluates the relevance and efficiency of your existing SEO strategies. We measure the effectiveness of your keyword density, title fields, indexed pages, keyword research & analysis, site structure, metadata and descriptions, and overall site structure.


We can also help you gauge how well your site satisfies the users. We check if your site meets the standard accessibility guidelines. We also gauge your site speed and the user journey. Even your signposted CTAs are carefully evaluated. In a nutshell, we take care of the things that can help your website become more user-friendly. No matter how aesthetically good your website is, if the navigational value is poor, high conversion rates can hardly be attained.

Visibility & Tracking

We measure the extent of your online presence by analysing the volume of traffic your website is getting. We also check the conversion rates and bounce rates of your platform. Our team of SEO expert Brisbane gives you reports about the list of websites linking to you.

What SEO Brisbane Does

SEO Brisbane is composed of a brilliant team of SEO specialists in Brisbane that follow the best strategies and use the best tools to offer the following:

Extensive and detailed SEO Audit Report

We do not only send you the list of flaws we have detected, we also outline the specific plan you can follow to address every issue accordingly.

Website Structure Assessment

If your site is not properly indexed in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., we can help you fix your website structure and make it entirely crawlable. This way, you can ensure that your website’s online presence is on the right track. We also help you enhance the user journey of your website, keeping in mind the utmost convenience of the users. This is a surefire way of reducing bounce rate and boosting conversions.

Best practice guidelines

Our SEO agency Brisbane has the most experienced specialists that can guide your SEO team about the best practices to be followed. From content creation to calls to action to title text, every step of the way is guided, so tangible results can be achieved.

Content positioning

We can perform A/B testing or multivariate testing to determine which content positioning version can attract users’ attention better. This is a great way to choose the right formula that can rake in the best conversions. Our technical SEO service Brisbane is definitely what you need.

Site speed

A website with slow loading time can increase the bounce rate and lower the chances of conversion. We can help you deal with this problem by giving you a specific plan on how to achieve faster load times to keep visitors’ satisfied.

Google Analytics

Our SEO experts Brisbane use Google Analytics and add GA tags to your website’s pages, track downloadable materials, referrers, CTAs, etc. in order for you to clearly see the strong and weak points of your system. Our SEO company Brisbane can kick your online presence into overdrive using the right strategies and tools and employing the most experienced SEO specialists and SEO company Brisbane.