Our Team

A little background on our team

It was the late 2000’s, the iPhone had just entered the market and started to dominate. This thing called Facebook kept popping up in your emails convincing you to join and re-connect with long lost friends and the dot-com boom had come and gone paving a new future that was about to unfold. Three friends with backgrounds in corporate communications, digital design and marketing strategy combined forces to create Brisbane SEO.

Scott Nelson

Director / Account Manager

Scott has an extensive background in Digital Marketing for both local and international brands, a very details orientated person who focuses on good content writing. Scott is a create storyteller who understands that engaging content is the key to customer engagement in today's online marketplace

Tim Nelson

Analyist & Account Manager

A comprehensive strategic marketing background coupled with advanced technical knowledge, Tim helps clients turn their business goals into successful projects with his extensive knowledge of Google Optimisation techniques and data analysis. Tim also heads the client side of the business making sure that every client is being communicated to as clearly as possible. He is always ready to help so please do not hesitate to contact him

Simon McKnight

Sales Manager / Account Manager

With a long history in the creative industry, Simon comes from a diverse creative background and manages our design team. He also has a Google Certification and heads up the sales team as his love for Digital Marketing is infectious. Simon was once a pilot, rides a motorbike and also flys arieal camera equipment.

Corey Salmon

Operations & Project Manager

Corey oversees all projects and keeps the team on schedule. With an extensive career in project management, Corey brings experience and expertise to the team and also runs our internal project management system. Corey works closely with Tim to ensure that our client's coding is on time and efficient.