The need to kill duplicate content can lead to bigger issues

The need to kill duplicate content can lead to bigger issues

Duplicate content can be drastically affecting the performance of your site. It becomes crucial issue when you stop getting the expected results from the site. Let us walk through essential information which proves how badly you need to get rid of the duplicate content.

Duplicate content penalty does not exist

There is no duplicate content penalty, but something worse than that is the inherent decrease in performance. It is a known fact that search engine rankings are depended on the relevance and authority of the content on your website. If more than one page has similar keywords, it becomes difficult to understand which one should be given preference while ranking. Internal links can strengthen a particular page, but if in case multiple pages are linked to the same set of keywords, then none of the pages get the superiority.

This brings us to another question of why this is not considered as a “penalty” by Google. This is because in Google, a person has to physically penalize the site and dampening becomes more strenuous process while diagnosing. It is not possible to get alert the algorithm issue, and hence the next possible method is a manual penalty through Google Search Console.

Consequences of killing the pages off:

The worst part is that killing the pages for getting rid of duplicate content can cause some issues instead of making it better. Below are few expected effects that are caused while killing off the pages to save your site from duplicate content:-

  1. Poor customer experience: – Although these are duplicate content, your customers or shoppers may need to visit those pages, for instance, the wish list pages which the customer will definitely need for future as they wish to buy certain products according to their convenience and time. If you kill such pages, it is surely disappoint your consumers.
  2. Link authority: – Every indexed URL will have at least a bit of link authority, and killing off the pages will definitely have a negative impact on the SEO. Consult a SEO expert in Brisbane for issues regarding killing off the pages.

So to get though this issue, you will have to spend time to identify your goal and priorities. Make sure if killing the pages off is the only option you have, as you wish to keep the pages for your users. Also, removing content can be done temporarily via Google Search Console in the Remove URLs tool. But be careful while you use this tool as it can deindex your entire site.

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