Landing Page Analysis

SEO Landing Page Analysis

landing pageThe landing page serves as the initial website that a visitor sees after clicking your link. You should remember that first impressions are crucial. It makes or breaks your website’s success.

Depending on the quality of your landing page, the user may stay further and explore your website or hit the back button immediately to find other more relevant sites.

Definitely, you would not want the latter.

A good landing page doesn’t have to elaborate. It just has to be engaging, simple, and packed with compelling call to action, information, and links that can lead the user to the checkout or to the signup page.

Before finalising your page design, it has to be tested first to understand the user behaviour better and to enhance its UX design.

Our Analysis Process

SEO Brisbane’s SEO specialists and skilled team can effortlessly identify the flaws and opportunities of a landing page and work our way to improving it, keeping the user in mind. We use A/B split testing to compare two or more landing page versions. From there, we can clearly see what can be done to improve.

We also spend time analysing Google Analytics to study the traffic flow and movement through the site. This helps us to determine the specific elements that need improvement.

Brisbane SEO can work with you to make your landing page become your most valuable asset. Get in touch with us and let’s get cracking!