Keyword Analysis

SEO Keyword Analysis & Research

The Search Engine Optimisation strategy can never be complete without proper keyword analysis and research. Keywords form the backbone to any campaign as this is how customers will find you.

It’s important to conduct keyword analysis to thoroughly check which keywords should be used to make your natural search and paid advertising successful. Our keyword research and analysis approach has been perfected through the years by our experienced SEO experts in Brisbane. We also keep ourselves updated about the recent updates of Google and other search engines on the keyword research and keyword density trends.

Why Keyword Analysis is Important to you

The following are the key benefits of a proper keyword analysis:

  • Optimise budget allocation
    With keyword analysis, you can better maximise your ad spend on search terms that are proven to generate traffic to your site.
  • Boost Brand Visibility
    If you want your website to be properly indexed by search engines, you need relevant keywords integrated. If not, your chances of being on top of search engine results pages will be low.
  • Save time
    Instead of spending time on terms that don’t bring results, you can better produce your desired results with the right keywords used.
  • Boost conversions
    Since your website is found on search engines with the best keywords, you can drive more traffic to your site. And the more people visiting your website, the more chances of gaining sales and driving ROI.
  • Boost suitable PPC advertising
    Though PPC marketing guarantees that you only pay if a user clicks your ad, that doesn’t assure that the user will convert. With the right keyword research and analysis Brisbane, you can better filter your audience to optimise your ad spend.

How SEO Brisbane Can Help

Keyword analysis is time-consuming. However, it does yield the best result. SEO brisbane can cover the whole scope for you to come up with the right keywords that will take you farther than you imagine.

We can analyse the traffic your website is getting and recommend keywords that can generate conversions. We measure each keyword via KAT rating to gauge its success rate. We also do trend analysis. We test the keywords against specified criteria to come up with a quality score. We make use of appropriate negative keywords and long-tailed keywords to generate a better outcome. For your keyword research and analysis, we are one of the Brisbane seo companies you can depend on.