Digital marketers recommend unconventional ways of lead generation

Digital marketers recommend unconventional ways of lead generation

Many entrepreneurs and companies tend to follow similar ways to generate lead. Especially when people own small businesses or start ups, it becomes an issue to not follow trends in digital marketing, as the competition gets stiffer for new comers in every industry. Besides, search engine optimization being the most preferable technique in lead generation, it is becoming necessary for business to game up with other tactics too. Another core reason to use unconventional techniques is that, you will get similar results if you use the same techniques. If you are expecting a better result than your competitors, you need to make some changes. A good change can never be a failed experiment, but all you need is to implement it based on deep research and facts. Brisbane SEO companies recommend these 3 unconventional ways to lead generations apart from page ranking techniques:-

Live chat can make a difference

Online retailers take this part quite seriously and get good results compared after meeting the customer’s expectations. This helps them in communicating with their target audience, and also an opportunity to convert them effortlessly. Most of the time, FAQ sections fail to give the best possible solution to customer queries, and hence a live chat is a rescue for customers. They love when businesses take interest in their queries, and this makes them feel positive about the product or service that you offer. Live chat can definitely speed up the entire buying process.

Make your customers happy

Nothing is more valuable than a happy customer, and they are the best ambassador’s for your business. Consider creating a customer referral program by giving them good incentives to stay loyal. For instance, give me them an offer or discount if they download your app or buy one of your signature products.

Collaborations can open doors to new opportunities

Partner up with another thriving business that is equally competitive and passionate as you are. Cross- promotion is the key to untapped market and target audience who are still not aware of your existence or quality of service. Another way to partner up is becoming a guest blogger on a popular site of your own industry. Position yourself as a leader in your industry by creating relevant, engaging, professional and informative articles.

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