Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Knowing your competition doesn’t necessarily mean mimicking every move they make. The bottom line is that the more you know what your competitors are doing, the more you can learn from their slips and avoid experiencing the same slips. If the competitor is doing well, you may also exploit their strengths and further improve them for you to become steps ahead.

Competitive analysis is a must. That way, you can know where you stand and where you want to stand in the competitive landscape.

In order to do this, it’ a necessity to know your competitors well– their revenue, company size, market share, public image, marketing strategy, and product/services quality.

SEO Brisbane can do all that for you, so you can know how to play the game better.

How Is Competitive Analysis Done

If your competitor is a public trader, chances are they will publish their records out in the open, including their growth, revenue, sales, and company size. If your competitors are not public traders, their records can be known through media coverage, industry publications, their marketing materials, etc.

Other pertinent sources include LinkedIn, Google Alerts, Facebook, twitter, and other leading social media sites they revolve in. These websites enable you to know their recent activities online as well as their existing brand image.

Upon visiting the website of the competitor, it’s essential to think like a customer. We pay attention to how easy to follow their website is, the level of engagement it exudes, and the presentation of the content. Insights can be picked up by proceeding with this, and the knowledge gathered can be applied to better your very own platform.

How SEO Brisbane Can Help

With SEO Brisbane, you can get a full competitive analysis that can let you know the tactics your rivals are into and the new technologies they are exploiting. This way, you can polish your business plan better and seize new opportunities that can take you to the next level. We do the following:

  • Know the audience your competitors are attracting
    We gather information to determine the exact audience that positively and negatively responds to your rivals’ brand.
  • Identify the keywords the competitors are using
    We analyse the different keywords the competitors use, especially those that do well
  • Digital marketing
    We identify the overall internet advertising campaign of the competition, the ones that made them succeed and the ones they failed at.
  • Affiliates
    We determine the entities and individuals the competitors are linked to.
  • Talk to the actual buyers
    The most accurate data always comes directly from the people who use the products and services of your competitors. We ask the right questions and learn the things that make them tick and the things that they don’t like.

All these information surely can be maximised to craft a strategy that has higher chances of success. Without data, any technique will be left frail and more susceptible to major flaws. We are a reliable SEO company in Brisbane, and our market research experts are ready to let you know who your competitors are and what they are up to.