5 Top opportunities are expected to rule the digital world in 2018

5 Top opportunities are expected to rule the digital world in 2018

SEO trends of 2018 are already gaining a lot of attention due to its surety to derive positive outcomes. Let’s get started planning this trends and opportunities to enhance our website visibility.

1. Link building can be challenging

SEOs can undoubtedly claim link-building dead, or even gain links that can help you earn more. Studies have proved that backlinks will always be one of the major factors for ranking of a website. Low-quality and manipulative backlinks are devalued by Google, and this may lead to manual penalty. To get this done effortlessly get connected to the best SEO agencies in Brisbane.

Here are ways you need to emphasize on, while link building:

  • Avoid spammy tactics, as they can waste time
  • Creating valuable content with appropriate keywords and adequate information
  • Use legitimate paid methods to avoid future disruptions
  • Stick to the niche, and stay linked to relevant topics

2. Importance of a Responsive website

Mobile search is the most widely used method these days, and Google is always more keen towards customer satisfaction. So, in order to please Google build a mobile friendly website which is also known as responsive website. Building responsive websites are actually trending these days as it has become an important factor which is considered while determining site ranking.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) helps in 4 times faster loading compared to regular pages. This improves click-though rates (CTR), which leads to better ROI.

3. Progressive Web Apps offer seamless experience

PWAs are an amalgamation of best features of both mobile web and native apps. It is faster, lighter and adjustable to the capability of the device than an app. This is the right choice as it can increase the conversion rates with more engagements and re-engagements.

Many retailers and businesses use PWAs to gain new customers and to regain the trust of old ones. Earlier adoption of PWAs can lower competition and it is worth considering for every website owners.

4. Spending wisely on Crawl Budget

Crawl budget optimization is basically making your site more compelling to search engines so as to gain more attentions from the users. This internal step which takes care of your website can never be avoided, although you can plan a wiser strategy to avoid wasting your crawl budget. This can be managed if you know how to implement the below given procedures:

  • Make the important pages crawlable, and the rest (duplicates) can be blocked.
  • Optimize heavy pages which may run slow or take a lot of time to load.
  • Keep the sitemap clear and updated to help search engines to understand the structure of your site and to discover useful content.

Contact the best SEO Company in Brisbane to leverage all of these above SEO opportunities before it is too late. This needs to be taken seriously, especially in a stiff competition where you have the pressure to make your website stand-out and become incomparable.

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